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Our Preschool Program

Preparing for School through play.

Our Preschool program focuses on creating a loving, caring and nurturing environment that focuses on giving every child the basic tools and life skills they need to move into primary education.

Led by an Early Childhood Teacher, our Educator team create meaningful and purposeful programs that are tailored to each individual child's goals, needs and abilities. They strive to encourage every child to understand themselves on a physical and emotional level by teaching the importance of community, cooperation, communication and friendship.

As part of our Preschool program, families enjoy: 
  • A highly qualified Educator team led by an experienced Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) who brings our innovative Preschool program to life each day;

  • A real-world School Readiness program that ensures our children and families feel confident and ready to transition to Primary School;

  • A Large outdoor wonderland with a variety of spaces for all adventures of play including a large stage area for imaginative play and performances;

  • Delicious and nutritious meals cooked on-site by our Centre Chef; 

  • Daily documentation and observations on each child's learning and areas of development;

  • Access to a digital whiteboard for modern teaching and learning experiences.

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