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Our Nursery Program

Cultivating exploration and curiosity.

Our Centre features two bright and age-specific Nursery rooms purpose-designed to provide ample space for our growing Nursery children.

At its core, our Nursery program is focused on ensuring our babies feel love and affection. With a dedicated team of experienced Educators, they are given every opportunity to explore, grow and learn in a natural and warm environment. 

We are constantly collaborating and communicating with our Nursery families, providing the best possible care and attention to our littlest children to ensure they are thriving and meeting their developmental milestones. 

As part of our Nursery program, families enjoy: 
  • A large, spacious and free flow learning environment that allows our smallest children to explore in a safe and stimulating environment;

  • Heart and breathing monitors in every cot that continually monitor the breathing movement rate of each sleeping baby and activate an audible alarm if a child's breathing movement slows or ceases;

  • Qualified and caring Educators who are focused on providing a flexible routine to support every child's various eating and sleeping routines;

  • Nursery specific menu designed by our Centre Chef;

  • A separate outdoor environment with age-appropriate gross motor and sensory-based activities and resources, including a sandpit and climbing cubbies.

Scotts Road Early Learning highchair
Scotts Road Child Care outdoor space
Toddler Library
Scotts Road Nursery art
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