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Our Toddler Program

Promoting a sense of independence and confidence.

Open, inviting and full of interesting resources, our two Toddler rooms provide this energetic age-group with ample space to explore, take risks and challenge themselves. With easy access to both indoor and outdoor learning spaces, our Toddlers are encouraged to develop the foundations for a life of learning - independence, confidence, social skills, language and communication.

Our experienced Educator team understand Toddlers multidimensional needs and the challenges they face as they grow and understand the world around them, so our Toddler program supports their emerging curiosity and identities by focusing on stimulating problem solving, skill-building and promoting a sense of independence.

As part of our Toddler program, families enjoy: 
  • Two cosy and intimate rooms with free-flowing indoor and outdoor environments;

  • Beautiful age-specific resources hand-selected for a multitude of learning and experiences;

  • Delicious and nutritious meals each day that are focused on providing children with the fuel they need to grow;

  • Assistance with toilet training to ensure that each child transitions to independent toileting;

  • Access to dedicated Toddler specific outdoor play environments;

  • A highly qualified Educator team who are experienced in nurturing our Toddler age group and curating an ever-changing and exciting daily program.

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